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What people say...

Soul Potential

"It fills me with joy and confidence to know that there are people who support others to regain access to the essentials. I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart, dear Beth. I very much hope that you will reach more and more hearts with your deep communication and that our Soul connection will be felt and lived again for everyone. Thank you for your work!"

Vanne - Cologne, Germany

Soul Potential

"Beth is a wonderful and talented energetic healer. I had a session with her and I felt so comfortable and supported. She feels and sees exactly the important things, so that a deep healing on soul level is possible.  After her session I felt a major shift and so loved. I can just recommend to anyone doing sessions with Beth as she is one of the most heartwarming persons I know. With her help transformation is easily possible."

Victoria - Starnberg, Germany

Animal Communication

"Beth helped us in a rather desperate situation. Her readings enabled us to make decisions that we felt certain and comfortable about. She accompanied us throughout the whole process and took away our worries and doubts. On top of that, the way she delivers messages and tells stories is truly beautiful and heartfelt which makes the whole experience even more special."

Maike & Verena, the Netherlands

Soul Potential

"I am 67years old bamboo flute player, living in a country house in the mountains of Japan for 30 years. I live quite a healthy life eating organic vegetables from my garden. But one day, I received a diagnosis of cancer, which had already progressed to a serious stage! I had to be hospitalized in the middle of Tokyo for 4 months. Beth was there for me, encouraging me and gave me a direction of hope. I felt so blessed! She was with me during 2 months of Chemotherapy. I had more than 10 sessions with her, mostly in the early morning before sunrise in Tokyo. The Sky line had such beautiful gradations of color and at the same time I could feel someone who was really supporting and praying for me from far away on the other side of planet. It was my precious golden time! I made a full recovery.

Beth , thank you so much for sharing this time with me."

Tokyo, Japan for Agar.jpg

Agar Kyosui Noiri - Kyoto, Japan

Nature Communication

"A friend and I attended Beth's workshop on Tree Communication in Munich. We spent an afternoon learning about how to connect with the trees. She guided us through a series of exercises to discover our own way of perceiving by tuning in with ourselves and our own bodies. We learned to perceive the trees in their different forms and expressions - not just the physical trees we see.

I've always loved trees, but did not imagine they have personalities and a soul! It was a very special experience to be able to connect with a tree. What the tree said has helped me heal a deep part of myself in a gentle way. After this workshop, I never feel alone when I walk through the park - all of the trees are my friends.

Beth was a wonderful guide for this experience. She is very kind and encouraging."

Anna - Munich, Germany

Animal Communication

"A friend recommended Beth to me when my dog became seriously ill. Our Veterinarian was running tests, but we could not determine exactly what was wrong with her or the cause. My dog had several animal communication and energy healing sessions with Beth and could tell us herself where to look. I could then make decisions about the right medicine and diet and thankfully she began improving.

Not only did Beth help my dog, but she helped me relax and trust more in what to do. I was so worried, like we all are when it is our own pet that we love! The sessions also helped me see some patterns in myself and when I worked on these, it has really improved my relationship with my dog. I think we both feel much better now and its good to know Beth is here to help!"

Susan - Freiburg, Germany

Soul Potential

"I have had two sessions with Beth so far, by which I was able to gain some clarity on a personal topic. At first, I was quite skeptical, but also very curious and I really liked Beth. She is a very empathetic person, so that a deep base of trust can quickly develop and I was able to "work" very intensively.


The sessions were very good for me: I felt very comfortable and relaxed during and afterwards; and it definitely started a healing process. I am very happy to know Beth and will contact her again if issues arise or I need some support.

If you ever offer a course or seminar to share your wisdom Beth, then I would love to take part!"

Franzi - Vienna, Austria

Soul Potential &
Animal Communication

"I have visited Beth for my own development and healing and for communication and healing for our cats. Her ability to see the soul level is very impressive. Her joy and the love she radiates are very healing to me. My sessions with her helped me a lot to find my own clarity so I could see which topics were mine and which ones were not at all, but the responsibility of my parents or siblings. I could let go of a very heavy weight on my soul. She also helped me come more into my self love. As a result, I have finally dared to start a "heart project" that is all about me!
Our cat has also noticeably improved since the treatment. He is more accessible and playful. I'm very happy to know Beth and know she is there to help us when we need it."

Veronika - Munich, Germany

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