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About me

Hi, I'm Beth. Thank you for being here!   ​Before we focus on you, I will share a little about me and what inspires me - 'my why'. I care passionately about the natural world and our collective well-being. Every one of us belongs in our very vibrant and bountiful world and every member of our natural community is inviting us to return home -- to nature and to ourselves. Our natural community is one of interdependent relationships - you only need to focus on yourself and your own "healing" to bring benefit to the whole. I work to help more of us hear their inviation. My hope is that this will aid us in restoring our collective sense of belonging in the natural world, one heart at a time. I believe when we remember and recognise the Soul we share with all life, we will work to preserve and protect the natural world.  ​​Since my childhood, I've been communicating with the Spirit, Soul and Consciousness that imbues all Life. I could feel, sense, and hear the trees, animals, the waters and the wind. The invitation to speak on behalf of nature came most persistently from the Trees, who have so much to share with us! It took me some years to honour their call and my role as a catalyst for change. My journey has seen that expand into serving as a bridge between Humanity, Animals, Nature and the Earth. And I found my greatest joy - assisting others to access to the higher wisdom and support found in Nature and from our own Souls that is eternally available to us. These offerings help us to remember our wholeness and weaves us back into the web of life with a greater sense of harmony and belonging. ​ Let's get back to you! Are you here for yourself or to support a beloved pet? What do you want to experience and how do you want to feel at this moment in your life? With your pet, a favourite tree or just you guided by your own higher self, we can work together to catalyse the transformative process of bringing your highest potential into living, embodied experience. The overall aim is to help you remember your innate ability to self-heal and to reconnect with yourself and the wider world in a much deeper way. ​​ I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your journey!


Two of my greatest teachers are a dog

& a tree. 

They show me there is a place where all souls meet and can relate with one another. In this place, everything supports the wellbeing of the whole and all its individual parts.  

Training & Certifications

I am eternally grateful for my first teachers in animal and nature communication who continue to guide me today from Spirit:  "Jay-Jay" the Blue Jay, "Zephyrus" the Squirrel, "Buster" the Dog, "Melina" the Beech Tree, and my grandmother. 

Beth_woman sitting on tree roots
  • Kincentric Leadership Programme

  • Ecotherapy: Level I with The Earthbody Institute

  • Healer: Levels I, II, III  with Roman Christian Hafner

  • Room & Earth Healing with Roman Christian Hafner

  • Rejuvenation (Self-Regeneration Initiation) with Roman Christian Hafner

  • Animal Communication: Levels I, II, III, IV, V with Dr. Sabrina Hinneberg-Adam

  • Animal Energetic with Dr. Sabrina Hinnerberg-Adam

  • Healing Methods for the New Age: Levels I, II and Teaching Assistance with INSHA: (International Nature Sacred Healing Academy)

  • Crystalline Wisdom & Healing Techniques from Atlantis

  • Organ-, Cellular- and DNA-level Transformation 

  • Shamanic Journeying and The Old Ways

  • Wilderness Retreat for Women with Susanne Fischer-Rizzi

  • Power of the Sacred Feminine Retreat with Peruquois

  • Sound Healing, Aura Reading with Dr. Lysa Farmer

  • Mental Health First Aider, MHFA England

  • Magnified Healing

  • Reiki

I have a B.A. in History from University of Binghamton, New York and have worked for more than 20 years in Business Transformation, Change Management and Client Servicing in the Investment Management, IT and Conservation sectors in Germany, Spain and the UK. I hold professional certifications in Design Thinking, Change & Innovation Management, Digital Leadership and Project Management. I support workplace mental health and well-being as a qualified Mental Health First Aider.

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