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California Hills sunrise

True freedom is being your Self fully.


Transformation guided by your Higher Self

Many of us live our lives in a way that feels less satisfying than how we know it could be. At some point, often through crisis or when facing a big life change, we feel inspired to reach for more -- more happiness, love, peace, health and well-being. We want to lessen our pain and to experience freedom from a past trauma or disease. We want to love and accept ourselves more. We want to live our highest potential.

The journey of consciousness at this time on earth is not about transcending the physical body, it is about embodiment. It is about bringing into living experience all that we are in our fullest sense. By opening to communicating with our own Higher Self, we open the door to accessing our innate higher wisdom and understanding of who we are. We remember our wholeness and our power to create our experiences in life. We uncover our deeper truths, and allow well-being - as we define it for ourselves - to become our natural state of being. We remember that all is truly possible. This includes healing in an instant, when we are ready to allow it to become our reality.

Your session will be unique, just as you are! 

I can see your potential: the fuller version of you without your current limitations. Your Soul (Higher Self) will guide our work through the transformation process to unlock your potential, bring it into your conscious awareness and then assist you with the steps to embody the positive changes. You will reconnect with the Joy that is always inside you without needing to find it outside of yourself. Together, we will activate your own innate self-healing ability so that you allow yourself to experience more of everything you already are, here and now in this lifetime.

Are you ready to

  • experience Sovereignty

  • shift into creator consciousness

  • love and accept yourself & your body

  • experience more ease and happiness in your daily life

  • clear away "outside" influences and distraction to find your own truth and clarity

  • find answers to important life questions and make clear decisions

  • release addictions and unconscious patterns of behavior to create lasting change

  • resolve relationship issues, release "old" habits and patterns (a "Reset" is totally possible!)

  • address chronic health conditions (and were told you would always have it)

  • address illnesses categorized as terminal such as cancer

  • experience the power of your own innate self-healing ability

  • be at the center of your life!

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