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Beech tree branches

 Awaken your inner senses

to the nature of being human.

Communicate & Heal With Nature

  • Ecotherapy

  • Tree Messages

  • Tree Relocation & Removals

  • Earth & Nature Communication

  • Landscape & Place: Clearing and Rebalancing

  • Historical Site Human Trauma Release and Rebalancing for Nature & Elementals

Nature is the wellspring of our health and well-being! 


Simply defined, well-being is feeling well, happy, and comfortable, but it also includes feeling well in a physical place. It is important that we feel well in our surroundings. Improving our individual and collective well-being involves renewing our relationship with the land and nature, resolving any past trauma or breaks in that relationship, and restoring our sense of belonging to the whole. Ecotherapy helps us to build the bridge between our "inner and outer landscapes" bringing them into balance and harmony. Our sense of Self expands to include the natural world.

One of the ways to renew or deepen our connection is through telepathic communication with nature. Everything in physical form is imbued with a conscious intelligent energy or Soul. We all have the innate ability to perceive life as it is and to meet life in its fullest sense on the level of Soul and Spirit. When we awaken this latent ability, it becomes possible to hear the voices of nature and to relate with everyone within our natural community.


We all know just sitting with a tree or in nature for a short amount of time can improve our mood and provide mental and physical health benefits. Now imagine the wonder and awe you will experience when you can perceive them on this deeper level and develop your own personal relationships.

Blue Jay drawing

Joan Maloof

"To really feel a forest canopy we must use different senses, and often the most useful one is the sense of imagination."

How do we awaken this latent ability?



In our modern times, we have been encouraged into an over-dominance of outer sensory experience. We focus on the outer sights and sounds in our physical environment, limiting our view of what we consider to be real. We are not remembering there is much more going on just beneath the surface, deep into the earth, in our own bodies, and out and beyond the air around us!


To experience telepathic communication is to develop our 'inner senses' and to expand our sensory perception of what we immediately see or hear in the physical world to include the unseen - the other levels of expression we can sense and perceive beyond the physical. As we deepen our relationship with nature, a deeper understanding of our own human nature unfolds within this process

Nature's door is always open to us, inviting us to listen. By appreciating the beauty around us and by reigniting our sense of wonder, play and imagination, we let nature know we accept the invitation. With an Ecotherapy session, we can explore this together and I will help you find your voice and your own unique way of perceiving theirs!





woman talking with a tree

How can we help nature?


We have unlimited opportunities to enhance our relationship with nature and work together for the benefit of all. The natural balance of many ecosystems on earth has been disturbed by human activity and presence. Especially in areas where the natural regenerative processes have broken down, we have a positive co-creative role to play in assisting nature's recovery.

How can we work together?

  • Initiate your conscious connection: let a tree or a natural place know you are ready to reconnect

  • ask & receive special guidance from a tree and other nature-beings for your unique journey

  • ask Nature for support to improve physical, emotional and psychological well-being

  • seek solutions to problems of coexistence

  • ask for their cooperation with planned activities by dialoguing directly with Nature and the Elementals inhabiting a space

  • provide a tree and/or Nature the information of an upcoming disturbance or change to their environment

  • ask for their guidance on ways to support their regenerative processes and restore balance - especially helpful for areas disturbed by human presence and activity

  • clear the energetic field of human projection and trauma to restore balance for Nature.

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